2015 Fall Meeting -
Great attendance!
Thank you Doug Admunsen for hosting
Good food selection & site


I.Call to order –
10:10am Creeksbend Golf Course – New Prague, MN

II.Roll Call –
Doug, Dianne, Tyler, Cassie, Tammy, Joel, Janet. Guests Jack Paulson & Beth Bursch

III.Treasures report –
MAGA checking $9846.90 & savings $4051.86 = $13,898.76 – subtract outgoing fees from today’s meeting (meal and outstanding bills)

IV.Old Business
A.2015 Division Championships Evaluation and Review
7, 8, 9 Rockford – only concern was view restriction of wall between the gyms
4, 5, 6 Monticello – no concerns
1, 2, 3 Medford – concerns
1. Food wasn’t enough for judges & coaches room. 2. Equipment & Mats – not enough for all events and floor ex boundary wasn’t regulation.
Individuals & 10 New Prague – no concerns
B. Touch Warm-ups will continue – found satisfactory
C. EIN# 46-2005048 non-profit tax exempt with volunteer board. ( 501 C3 est. 2013)
a. Tyler will be working with his accountant to file 2015 establishing a start date. MAGA will follow the fiscal year for tax purposes (Jan-Dec)

V.New Business
Board members nominations and vote
Statician – Jack Paulson – is a board voting position. Joel made motion Gabe 2nd.
Secretary – Janet Winter term is up – no nominations – accepts staying on 2017.
Membership Director – Cassie Townsend – no nominations – accepts staying on 2017.
Member at Large – Tammy Handevidt – accepts staying on 2017.
Vice President – nominated – Jason Passeri/Rosmount – accepts 6 yr position ending 2021.

D.Awarded Scholarships 2015
1.$500.00 – Gabbie Kittel – Albertiville
2.$500.00 – Lily Noble – Big Lake
3.$500.00 – Samantha Czec – Sartell

E.Divisional Host Sites 2016
1.Divisions 7, 8 & 9 Faribault MN – Feb 27 & 28
2.Divisions 4, 5 & 6 K&G Mankato MN – March 5 & 6
3.Divisions 1, 2 & 3 River Falls WI – March 12 & 13
4.Individuals & 10 New Prague MN March 19 & 20

F.Policy change
Discussion and vote on all points:
Program to make all gymnasts scores visible for all to see. PASSED
Program built for online registration and payment by club with member & team fee uncreases. PASSED
Online registration and payment will be used this year. PASSED
Athlete form must be signed and collected by coaches and mailed to Statician.
Paid position for score collection as stated in rules and policy section III Competition Guidelines D. Reporting meet results. PASSED
Addition to policy on late reporting of scores; habitual occurrences will be addressed by the board and can include consequences of fines, non-participation in divisional meets as well as removal from the organization. PASSED
Top 3 scores will be used to rank club teams. PASSED

1.Dec. 1st due – Team registration, Athlete registration Proof of Insurance Certificate and all fees
2.All no exceptions EXCEL FORMAT
Form e-mailed out by Jack or if program is ready by fall meeting.
3.Late Procedures no fines, no petitions. No exceptions
If you do not have all requirements in by Dec 1, 2015 your club is ineligible for any MAGA competitions for the 2015-2016 season.

Deadline to let statician know your club will not be participating in the Divisional meets is on or before Feb 15th, 2016.
Petition discussion – John Tobler Jr. is asking for 7 USAG gymnasts for family reasons for 2015 – discussion and vote.
Jon Janson made a motion to change the limit to 10 gymnasts USAG and no further discussion can be made on this subject until 2020.
Rob Esse 2nd. Motion passed.
J.Adjourn / meet scheduling / lunch


Our Founding Fathers

Rob Esse - Willmar, John Evans - Northfield, Craig Sandburg - New Prague, Mike Taylor - Faribault, Scott Young - St. Louis Park

In 1982, out of the ashes of the old Minnesota Independent League, five clubs got together at Young's Gymnastics Academy in St. Louis Park to form the Minnesota Amateur Gymnastics Association, a few years later, renamed to the "Midwest" Amateur Gymnastics Association to reflect the number of teams from all over the upper Midwest that were involved.

A thank you and a tribute to the "Founding Fathers" who had the foresight to create an organization that would last a benefit thousands of young athletes.

That first year, the above mentioned clubs competed 6 teams at the "State" meet. in 2012 MAGA had 57 clubs and 119 teams competing in both women's and men's gymnastics with 1068 registered athletes

This program promotes fair competition in a no pressure fun for the gymnast atmosphere. The goal of MAGA is to help prepare participants for high school gymnastics. For more information see our Policy and Rules Section.